Current view at MBA

Globalization, technology, and changing career paths have all changed the view at an MBA.
A traditional MBA program that provides the students with a "deck of cards" to be used in various real situations, is now not as desirable. Even the degrees from leading Western schools no longer guarantee success.

MBA at AIBEc – focusing on understanding and the "big picture"

  • We focus on the "big picture" and the stakeholders' interests
  • Students combine the understanding of basics and the ability to learn effectively
  • That helps build a career in technologies or entrepreneurship

MBA at AIBEc – technology and traditional values

  • Online – global reach, convenience, affordability …
  • … but low motivation to complete courses
  • … and lack of personal contact with the instructor
We combine online and offline:

  • Financial courses taught by Konstantin Kontor have been launched on Coursera in cooperation with MIPT
  • Personal tutorship and coaching are available

Structure of the Program
The AIBEc MBA requires completion of at least 15 courses (11 required and 4 elective) with a grade of C or better in each course. Each course consists of approximately 30–40 academic hours of classroom instruction. Courses typically meet once a week for three hours during the 10–12-week fall and spring semesters, or twice a week for 5–6 weeks during the summer semester.

Regular attendance is required. In planning their schedules, students should allow at least 6 hours per week for homework, reading, and study in each course, in addition to time spent in lectures and seminars. Normally the maximum course load is 3 courses during fall and spring semesters and 2 courses during the summer semester. Students who take the maximum course load every semester can complete the MBA in two years. However, many students with full-time jobs prefer to spread their MBA studies over a three-year period.