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If you wish to get the full-fledged Western-standard MBA in Moscow.

The Russian economy, including key aspects of its legal and accounting systems, continues on an irreversible path toward integration into the world economy. US GAAP and IAS are the two dominant accounting systems, and more and more professionals in accounting are working in them, along with Russian accounting system.

Courses in Accounting

The Russian economy has been steadily moving toward integration into the world economy. The same holds for capital markets and financial institutions in the country. Before 1998, capital markets (the stock market, GKO trading) were developing very fast. At that time most lucrative jobs were to be found at banks and investment companies. The 1998 crisis hit financial markets severely. Still it was a very important moment that marked the watershed between «wishful thinking finance» and professional and responsible approach to financial decision-making process.

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This Certificate suits both the marketing professionals who have extensive experience in the area, and for those just starting their career in marketing. To this end, the Certificate allows choosing from a wide variety of marketing courses taught by the Russian and international professional marketing practitioners.

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