Vladimir Lissniak

Professor of law at AIBEc.
President of Pericles, professor at the University of San Diego.

About the Instructor
Vladimir Lissniak is president of Pericles; he graduated from the International Law faculty of MGIMO almost 20 years ago and went on to represent Russia in France for a number of years as a diplomat; specializes in Negotiations and Dispute Resolution where he has had many years of experience both in the public and private sectors.

In addition, Vladimir has led Pericles in numerous public interest projects, such as publishing of several European books on Banking Law and Finance, organizing training programs for Russian judges, lawyers and bankers abroad, and acting as counsel to the Moscow Mayor's Office and Moscow Region Government.

He has experience in bi-and multilateral negotiations both in public and private sectors, UN, European Union, embassies. He was a member of negotiating teams and solo negotiator for various clients including Sberbank, American Standard, Asia-Pacific Lawyers Association in many countries. Vladimir conducted negotiation seminars for lawyers in Baker & McKenzie law firm and other companies. He teaches courses in Law of Non-Profits, Banking Law, Legal Methods, and Legal English.