Business Psychology (II)
Life Pressures, Uncertainty, Stress and How We Survive Them.

This course examines the individual coping strategies and personal styles in dealing with the pressures, limitations and other challenges one faces in professional life.

Ekaterina Mikhailova
Professor of Psychology at AIBEc.
Co-founder and a Leading counselor of Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy and Psychology (IGISPP).

Purpose of this Course
Considerable attention will be paid to the unspoken, shadowed and unconscious processes of corporate functioning. Numerous examples of cognitive, emotional and behavioral outcomes of different coping strategies will be analyzed in terms of general theory, meanwhile the students will know more about their own skills and beliefs connected with the major concepts of stress, developmental crises and coping.

Of particular interest will be the ideas and practical tools for better understanding the counterproductive coping patterns as well as what can work to increase one's resiliency.

Course Materials
  • Notes, handouts, articles, and cases from the course package.

Grading of the course will be based on assignments, examinations and class participation.

Class participation ________ 10%
Reports __________________ 60%
Group presentation _______ 30%
Total ____________________ 100%

Course Topics
  1. When work takes over: why, what for and other impolite questions.
  2. Developmental crises: dealing with one's own personal development needs.
  3. Anxiety that makes the world go round.
  4. The rational thinking vs. magic: eternal need for simple answers.
  5. Coping strategies that create problems instead of solutions.
  6. Developing new coping strategies: learning from experience.

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