Sales Leadership

Igor Romanov
Managing Partner at Kontakt-Expert consulting company.

Until very recently sales has been thought of as a system of tools and tricks that would help a sales person to quickly and effectively load up a customer with something that she oftentimes does not need. In other words, sales technologies have been technologies for the sales specialists.

But the situation is changing. Now the accent is made on selling ideas rather than goods and services. "Man, I've failed to sell the idea to the boss" – these words can oftentimes be heard in the office. Nowadays sales has become the area of communications that deals with modern technologies of effective decision making.

Besides, recent years have witnessed a great variety of theories, factors, and areas that are new to the sales function. And, on top of that, there's been the advent of the Internet. To sell in the Internet is now trendy but few know how to do it properly. Even fewer realize how the Internet can be used as a support to off-line sales.

And what, after all, does a modern individual need other than the sales skills? Goods, services, and, of course, ideas…

Purpose of the Course
  • Learn how to use modern communication technologies of influence based on sales technologies.
  • Get the most modern skills used in the sales of goods, services, and ideas.
  • Learn how to use sales technologies to obtain market leadership.

Methodology of Studies
  • Study of the materials distributed by the instructor prior to class discussion.
  • Lectures and topic presentations by the instructor.
  • Group case studies and presentation.

Course Topics
  1. Sales ideology
    • Sales as a communications process
    • Converting sales of goods and services in the sales of ideas
    • Selling ideas – not only in the area of sales
    • Models of sales – pragmatic, neurotic, and missionary
    • Mission, goals, and principles of sales in the modern society
  2. Interpersonal communications in the sales process
    • The seller
    • The buyer
    • A neural network as a model of interaction in the sales process
    • Interactive strategies
  3. Sales types and theories
    • Passive sales
    • Active sales
    • Partner sales
    • SPIN-based sales
  4. Selling in the internet
  5. Optimizing sales structures

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