Effective Presentations

Konstantin Kontor
Konstantin Kontor is Director and professor of finance and strategy at AIBEc.
In 2000 – 2009 Mr. Kontor also served as visiting professor of financial strategy at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, where he taught courses in finance, strategy, and M&A for BA and EMBA students.

Purpose of this Course
The primary audience of the presented course is a wide range of corporate managers – from assistant level "freshmen" to the much more advanced executives. It is not limited, however, to the corporate environment – it will be of interest to anyone who wishes to more effectively communicate ideas, messages, and information in general.

The main goal of the course is the significant improvement of communication skills, primarily, by means of preparation and delivery of efficient business presentations (spoken or written). Major attention is paid to the position and interests of all "stakeholders" – "clients", "consumers", and "providers" of a presentation.

Exercises and students' practice are core in the course. It is highly interactive – students receive immediate feedback from peers and the instructor.

Course Materials
Handouts, notes, and cases from the Course package.

Grading of this course will be based on assignments and class participation.

Тематика занятий
  1. Presentations – what are they.
  2. Fundamentals of communications.
  3. Overused terms and phrases.
  4. SWOT Analysis.
  5. Presentations – what to do before an oral or written presentation.
  6. Presentations – what is the purpose/objective of presentation?
  7. Presentation tips from various presenters.
  8. Objectives of presentation – continued.
  9. Some presentation tips.
  10. Templates.
  11. Planning and execution.
  12. Powerpoint.
  13. Learn by example.
  14. Putting it all together.
  15. Presentation of oral presentations.
  16. Self-review.
  17. Preparation of written communication in PowerPoint format.
  18. Final remarks.

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