Managing People in Organizations
Applies concepts of social sciences to problems of managing individuals and teams in large and small business organizations in the age of uncertainty and fast change.

Gerald Rohan
Professor of Strategic Management and MPO.
Gerald Rohan has extensive experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is formerly the Director of Global Energy and Mining at PWC and the co-chair of the Energy committee at AmCham.

Purpose of this Course
  • Develop awareness of the concepts of human behavior as they apply to organizations.
  • Identify practical approaches to the challenges faced in managing people in the organization.
  • Recognize various organizational structures and how they may impact organizational behavior.
  • Understand the importance of motivation, communication, and development as integral components in managing people.

Course Materials
  • Essentials of Organizational Behaviour, Stephen P. Robbins, International Edition, 8th Ed., 2005.
  • Cases: as assigned.

Grading of this course will be based on case study project, quiz, examination and class participation.

Because the course is heavily discussion based attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend 40% of classes leads to immediate failure in the course and loss of credit.

Course Topics
  1. Organizational structures introduction, goals objectives challenges and opportunities for organizational behavior.
  2. The individual in the organization.
  3. Basic motivation concepts.
  4. Motivation: from concept to design.
  5. Communication.
  6. Leadership & creating trust.
  7. Power & politics.
  8. Conflict & negotiations.
  9. Organization culture & system.
  10. HR Resources, policies and practice.

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