Principles of Advertising
This course discusses the fundamentals of advertising and covers the historical, economic and social aspects of advertising.

Eugene Radewych
Professor of Marketing at AIBEc.
A graduate of Ontario College of Art (Toronto, Canada).

Advertising is all around us. Whether we're driving our car, watching TV, surfing the Internet or spending time on our mobile phones. Most people don't think about it. The course objective is to encourage you to think about what advertising is, how it works, how it is developed and where it's going.

Principles of Advertising introduce you to the fundamentals of advertising and covers the historical, economic, and social aspects of advertising. The roles of the advertising agency, the development of creative advertising copy, analysis of successful advertising campaigns and the creation of an integrated advertising campaign for the six types of media (broadcast, print, outdoor and direct mail, Internet and social media) will be discussed.

Goals of this Course
  • Provide a comprehensive foundation in the principles of advertising and understand the role of advertising in the marketing process.
  • To understand the different elements that comprise the advertising process and how a campaign is executed from start to finish.
  • Discuss how creative, media, ethical, and sociological factors shape advertising.
  • Understand the role of research and strategic planning in successful advertising campaigns.
  • Learn the importance of standard and non-standard communications channels and emerging technologies.
  • Prepare an advertising campaign.

Classroom activity will consist of lectures, class discussions and in-class exercises based on the assigned cases and readings. Students will be organized in groups and make class presentations. You will be expected to come to class having read all assigned readings (research, articles) and ready to share and discuss. Instruction will also include guest lectures from the advertising and marketing community.

Course Topics
  1. Introduction to advertising
  2. The role of advertising within the marketing mix
  3. Understanding the consumer/competition (research)
  4. Media planning and buying
  5. Strategy and strategic planning
  6. Understanding the creative process – ideas art direction and design
  7. ATL advertising – broadcast – TV/radio/cinema
  8. ATL print/outdoor
  9. BTL/sales promotion
  10. Digital
  11. Changing the conversation

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