Strategic Marketing

Gregory Troussov
Professor of Marketing at AIBEc.
President of Kontakt-Expert consulting company. Gregory Troussov is the leading Russian marketing consultant and trainer.

Purpose of this Course
The objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the major strategic decisions that marketing manager's encounter in their efforts to harmonize the objectives and resources of an organization with the needs and opportunities in the local and global marketplaces. Students should develop analytical skills in the formation and implementation of market-driven strategies for an organization.

Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

  • Synthesize the analytical approaches and management strategies for local and global marketing.
  • Appreciate the integration and the independence of the domestic and foreign markets in developing global strategies.
  • Understand the translation of corporate objectives to marketing goals, the making of strategic and tactical choice of markets, the development of a marketing program and the implementation of marketing activities on a worldwide basis.
  • Engage in effective interpersonal and teamwork.

Course Materials
Notes, handouts, articles, and cases from the course package.

There will be individual and group work throughout the semester. Every student must belong to a project group, which will work on a paper and a marketing plan. In addition, there will be case studies in written form and for in-class discussion.

Because the course is heavily discussion based attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend 40% of classes leads to immediate failure in the course and loss of credit.

The course will be graded in accordance with the following schedule:

Class participation _______ 20%
Industry analysis _________ 20%
Marketing plan ___________ 25%
Case studies _____________ 20%
Final case ________________ 15%
Total ___________________ 100%

Course Topics
  1. Market driven strategy.
  2. Business & marketing strategies, financial analysis for marketing and control.
  3. Market vision, structure and analysis segmenting markets.
  4. Market targeting, strategic positioning.
  5. Market goals and relationship.
  6. New product and strategic brand management.
  7. Managing value relationships and pricing strategies.
  8. Promotion, advertising, and sales promotion.
  9. Marketing strategies implementation control.
  10. Sales force and marketing strategies.
  11. Implementing and managing market driven strategies.

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