Personal Marketing

Gregory Troussov
Professor of Marketing at AIBEc.
President of Kontakt-Expert consulting company. Gregory Troussov is the leading Russian marketing consultant and trainer.

Purpose of this Course
The course provides essential practice of presenting and promoting oneself on the labor, corporate and professional markets as well as in any other social exposure fields. The reason to join this course: decrease dependence on employers' policies and labor market fluctuations though creating personal brand.

This course is logical extension of Gregory Troussov's «Marketing Communications». As the title suggests, marketing paradigm is applied now to a person rather than product or service. Lecture materials highlight main approaches of image-making, political technologies and public behavior.

Course involves intense personal workout of professional and social goals, vision of self-development, analysis of self-perception and social feedback, elimination of black spots in self-perception. Most emphasis is put on acquiring skills of intended and focused public communication, goal oriented behavior.

This course will be useful to any manager encountered with the need of self-positioning, considering job change or facing serious decisions on long-term self-development and career building.

One third of class time is devoted to theoretical framework and two thirds to exercises on self-image making, personal goal setting, and self-positioning and focused public behavior.

Course Materials
Handouts and cases from the course package.

Grading of this course will be based on assignments and class participation.

Course Topics
  1. 2D and 3D personal image: speaking CV, smiling voice, meaningful gestures
  2. Personal goals and self-perception: does image work on your goals
  3. Personal goals and public behavior: does you behavior work on your goals
  4. Decisions based on self-perception: irrationals and intuition in practice
  5. Social feedback: eliminating black spots
  6. Self-positioning: everyday steps to create your image
  7. Long-term strategy of self-development and career building

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