Marketing as Relationship
The third millennium is the era of change. All has changed in this world – human thinking, business processes, and customer relationships. Still the main marketing instruments have somehow managed to remain the same. It is exactly because of this that we oftentimes hear that marketing no longer works or advertising no longer works. And that's true – if we keep using the thinking patterns and marketing instruments of the last century.

Igor Romanov
Managing Partner at Kontakt-Expert consulting company.

The Marketing as Relationship Course offers not only a set of modern marketing instruments but also a global concept of relationships with customers in the digital era. This concept is a so called "marketing of ingenuousness" – the ideology developed by the author of the Course.

Purpose of this Course
  • To introduce the students to the specific psychology features of the customers in the beginning of the 3rd millennium
  • To offer the up-to-date technology-based marketing concep
  • To teach the students to use modern non-standard marketing instruments

The Format and Grading
The course is based on classwork including:

  • Micro lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Business games
  • Case solutions
Grading is based on the analysis of individual cases and development of individual recommendations.

Course Materials
  • Topic presentations in electronic form

Course Topics
  • Psychological and semantic basics of marketing
  • Psycho-semantic "universes" of business and adequate types of marketing
  • The world perception of modern customers and ways of influencing it
  • Mechanisms and instruments of building customer trust
  • Basic principles of "marketing of ingenuousness" and their use in marketing of goods and services
  • Types, instruments, and technologies of "marketing of ingenuousness"
  • "Trust based match" of company business processes and customer perception

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