Capital Markets and Financial Institutions

This course consists of two major parts. The first part is devoted to the nature, role, and functioning of financial institutions in the developed capital market. The second part deals with the Russian capital markets and financial institutions. The principal goal here is to screen the local experience against worldwide theory and practices in order to identify both common and specific features of developed and emerging markets.

Konstantin Kontor,
AIBEc Professor

Leonid Melamed,

Member of the Board of Directors, AFK «Sistema»

Elena Ivanova,

Business Development Director, Russia, «Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia»

“My career has skyrocketed after my graduation from AIBEc”

Yury Alasheev,

Chairman of the Board of Directors, «Agama Group», Chairman, Union of Seafood Processors

“AIBEc offers a wide range of options to fine-tune education to meet one's specific needs”

Sergei Gadetsky,

Country Director, Russia, «Ancor»

Andrey Skvortsov,

CEO and co-owner of the «Mercator Group»

Business Psychology (II)

Business Psychology (II) course starts on Monday, January 29, 2018.

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Spring Semester, 2018

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