Daria Panina

Professor of career development

Daria Panina, PhD, MBA, teaches at Texas A&M University, USA and does research in the areas of international management and international business. She received a Ph.D. in international human resource management from Rutgers University in the U.S. and a M.A. in political economy from Moscow State University in her native Russia.

Her research interests include international strategies of professional services firms, human resource management, organizational adaptation and organization behavior in the emerging economies.

Prior to joining Texas A&M, Daria Panina has worked as an HR manager, Head of Research in a leading international executive search firm, and a senior researcher in the Harvard Russia project in Russia and the U.S.A.


Business Psychology (II)

Business Psychology (II) course starts on Monday, January 29, 2018.

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Spring Semester, 2018

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