Business Psychology (II)

Examination of the individual coping strategies and personal styles in dealing with the pressures, limitations and other challenges one faces in professional life.

Ekaterina Mikhailova,
AIBEc Professor

Teaching Faculty

Konstantin Kontor, MBA, Director

Holds an MBA with a major in finance from UCLA. He is a graduate of Moscow Physical Technical Institute and was among the first students to graduate from the Russian-American Independent University, which served as a prototype for development of AIBEc’s current program. From 1995 to 1998 Kontor served as Director of research for RINACO Plus, a major Moscow brokerage firm. He is now the managing partner at KKP Partners, an investment and strategic consulting company and a visiting professor in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


Art Franczek, MBA, MST, CPA, President

Has been a full-time member of the AIBEc faculty since 1996, and served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs before becoming President in 2001. He is a tax accountant with extensive practical experience. After serving as Corporate Tax Manager for Liquid Carbonic Corporation in the United States, he spent three years in Togliatti, Russia, as a business consultant with the U.S. Peace Corps. In Moscow, he works actively on tax and customs issues with the American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of European Businesses (the European Business Club till 2004).


Alex Korogodsky, MBA 

Holds an MBA from Wesley J. Howе School of Management. Partner, Insurance Practice Leader in the CIS at Ernst&Young. Over 18 years of management experience in the top international companies fused with his knowledge of the Russian insurance market and key players. MBA professor at the Fairleigh Dickinson University (USA).


Eugene Radewych

Chief Creative Officer in ADV Group

With over 23 years of marketing/advertising experience, Eugene Radewych hails from Canada where he was developing results driven advertising for a wide range of clients. An Associate of the Ontario College of Art, Eugene came to Russia in 1998 where he Joined Ogilvy Moscow. In 2001, he joined Publicis United as the Chief Creative Officer. In the course of helping to build client brands, Eugene has won advertising awards the world over including awards in Canada, the US, Europe and Russia.


Gerald Rohan, MBA 

Holds an MBA from Iona College, a graduate of NYU Business School, has extensive experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is formerly the Director of Global Energy and Mining at PWC and the co-chair of the Energy committee at AmCham.


Vladimir Lissniak, JD 

Director of Pericles

Vladimir Lissniak is consultant in the area of law and business negotiations. Has long-time experience in representing Russian and international clients in general and special jurisdiction courts in Strasbourg. Participated in various bi- and multilateral negotiations in public and private sectors. Professor at the University of San Diego.


Sergey Gadetsky , MBA

Specialist in the area of HR systems integration into a corporate business process framework

Freelance HR consultant, delivering services to a number of Russian and multinational clients in the area of HR strategies, reward systems, performance management and other HR programs


Gregory Troussov, MBA 

President of «Kontakt-Expert» Consulting Company

Holds an MBA from the University of Colorado. After working in the US for several years, he returned to Russia and he has gained extensive experience in applying Marketing Research methods to Russian companies. He is the President of  «Kontakt-Expert», Moscow consulting company which provides services in the areas of strategy, marketing, performance management and personal development.


John Harrison

Editor-in-Chief in Passport Magazine

Has extensive experience in Media and Public Relations areas. He has worked in Russia for over 10 years and is currently the managing editor of Passport Magazine.


Ekaterina Mikhailova, PhD 

Co-founder and a Leading counselor of Institute of Group and Family Psychotherapy and Psychology (IGISPP)

Is an internationally certified gestalt-trainer, psychodrama practitioner, co-founder and leading counselor of the training institute IGISPP. Dr. Mikhailova’s teaching experience includes lecturing in personal psychology in the Moscow State University and in theory of groupwork in the Moscow City University of Psychology. Dr. Mikhailova is the author of a number of psychology bestsellers including «Vasilisa’s Spindle» and «The Trifles of Psychology».


Igor Romanov

Managing Partner at Kontakt-Expert consulting company (Moscow), one of the leaders in the area of marketing (The RBC Company of the Year in 2009). Developed marketing strategies, offered business training and coaching. Published over 100 articles in the area of business psychology and marketing communications


Daria Panina, PhD 

Holds a PhD in international human resource management from Rutgers University, USA, and an MA in political economy from Moscow State University. Dr. Panina teaches at Texas A&M University, and her research interests include international strategies of professional services firms, human resource management, organizational adaptation and organizational behavior in the developing economies. Prior to joining Texas A&M, Dr. Panina worked as an HR-manager, Head of Research in a leading international executive search firm, and a senior researcher in the Harvard Russia project in Russia and the US.


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