Konstantin Kontor

Konstantin Kontor is Director and Professor of Finance and Strategy at the American Institute of Business and Economics in Moscow.

Business Planning in the Russian Environment

Purpose of this Course

This course was first offered at AIBEc in the Spring semester of 2004. It is organized in the format of Field Study — a standard and mandatory course at all business schools. In a Field Study the students in a group analyze a real project at a real company.

In this course the students will have to pick and analyze an investment project, individually or in a group (up to 5 students in a group). The resulting «product» will be a full business plan that can be implemented in the current Russian environment. The project will have to be presented in class.

Class sessions will be arranged on a special flexible schedule. Professional assistance in the preparation of the business plan will be provided. Significant emphasis will be made on the issues that accompany project valuation, implementation, negotiations, and bargaining in the real market.

Because of the course schedule the detailed outline of sessions is not provided. Instead, instructor meetings with student groups at the later stage of the course will be organized at mutually convenient days, places, and hours.

Course Materials

Materials will be provided in a Template package by the instructor.


Grading of this course will be based on the project report, presentation, and discussion (Q&A).

The course will be graded in accordance with the following schedule:

Project Report40%
Project Presentation40%
Q&A and Discussion20%

You can download description of the course here.

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