Karen Fox

Professor of Marketing An internationally-recognized expert on marketing for educational institutions, she is the co-author, with Philip Kotler, of the leading guide in the field, Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions (Prentice Hall, 1985 and 1995).

Services Marketing

Purpose of this Course

This course will be of particular interest to students who work for businesses in the service industry (see list in Course Overview), as well as for students emphasizing marketing in their academic program. The relative emphasis on specific services areas will depend on the backgrounds and interests of those who enroll.

The purpose of this course is to increase your awareness of the importance of the service sector to the development of major world economies and to the global economy; to provide you with the insights and skills that will enable you to recognize, analyze and fix service problems to enhance customer satisfaction and company profitability; and to enhance your sophistication in making services marketing decisions. Examples from financial services (including accounting; banking, and investing), legal services, hospitality (travel and lodging), entertainment, heath care, education, utilities, retailing, transportation, and other service domains will be used to illustrate and apply course concepts. Special attention will be given to services marketing issues in Russia, the United States, and European countries. Learning methods will include lectures, problem analysis and discussion, and individual and group projects, as well as written exams.

This course examines the process by which takeovers and other corporate control transactions take place and the role of the market for corporate control in leading to economic restructuring and shifts in resource allocation by corporations.

Of particular interest will be the empirical evidence on capital market reactions to control transactions and to defensive measures by management against takeover bids, buy-out transactions, the relation of takeovers to capital structure changes, and insider trading in takeover contests.

Various corporate control battles in the Russian industry will be screened against the general theory and Western practice. Of special importance will be the discussion of the influence of corporate control issues on company valuation, especially in emerging capital markets.

Course Materials

  • Valarie A. Zeithaml and Mary Jo Bitner, Services Marketing, 3rd Edition
  • Other course materials, handed out in class, include a  CD-ROM with visuals and articles, as well as photocopies of cases, other articles, and readings.


Grading of this course will be based on assignments, team project, examinations and class participation.

The course will be graded in accordance with the following schedule:

Class participation20%
Individual assignments30%
Midterm examination15%
Team project and presentation20%
Final paper15%

Course Topics

  1. The Role of the Service Sector in the Economy
  2. The variety and classification of services
  3. Consumer behavior in services
  4. Customer expectations of services
  5. How customers perceive and evaluate services
  6. Marketing research for services
  7. Customer relationships
  8. Service recovery (what to do after a service failure)
  9. Service development and design (creating new and improved services)
  10. Determining Service Standards Customers Want
  11. Creating and Managing the Physical Evidence of Services
  12. The Role of Employees in Service Delivery
  13. The Role of Customers in Service Delivery
  14. Use of Service Intermediaries and Delivering Services through Electronic Channels
  15. Managing Demand for Services and Capacity Constraints
  16. Integrated Marketing Communications for Services
  17. Pricing of Services
  18. The Financial and Economic Effect of Services
  19. The Integrated GAPS Model of Service Quality

You can download description of the course here.

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