Eugene Radewych

Professor of Marketing with over 23 years of marketing/advertising experience, Eugene Radewych hails from Canada where he was developing results driven advertising for a wide range of clients.

Principles of Marketing

Purpose of this Course

Principles of Marketing, introduces you to the fundamentals of marketing (history, key concepts, methods of analysis, strategies and tactics) critical to managing profitable customer relationships in today's dynamic and connected environment.

The Course Goals

  • To familiarize you with the basic processes of the marketing mix (product, pricing, distribution and promotion)
  • Understand and use marketing language/terminology in the business community
  • To expand your knowledge of the marketing industry while increasing your awareness of the strategic and tactical decisions behind today's top performing brands.
  • To enhance your problem solving and decision making abilities by learning how to leverage strategic marketing analysis to inform tactical marketing mix decisions while providing you with a framework to evaluate marketing decisions and to create successful marketing initiatives.
  • Understand the role of research and strategic planning in marketing management
  • Learn the importance of standard and non-standard communications channels and emerging technologies

Course Materials

  • Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt Principles of Marketing, 2nd Ed.
  • Notes, handouts, articles, and cases from the course package.


Classroom activity will consist of lectures, class discussions and in-class exercises based on the assigned cases and readings. Lectures will refer to, but not review, all material in the textbook and other materials. Students will be organized in groups and make class presentations. You will be expected to come to class having read all assigned readings (chapters, cases, articles) and ready to share and discuss. Instruction will also include guest lectures from the advertising and marketing community.


Grading of this course will be based on assignments, examinations and class participation.

Because the course is heavily discussion based attendance is mandatory. Failure to attend 40% of classes leads to immediate failure in the course and loss of credit.

Course Topics

  1. Introduction to marketing
  2. The consumer
  3. Market segmentation
  4. Marketing research and information
  5. Strategic marketing
  6. Marketing control
  7. Product
  8. Price
  9. Place
  10. Promotion

You can download description of the course here.

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