Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance

This course examines the process by which takeovers and other corporate control transactions take place, and the role of the market for corporate control in leading to economic restructuring and shifts in resource allocation by corporations.

Konstantin Kontor,
AIBEc Professor

AIBEc on Coursera

On April 11, 2018, a new Specialization “Understanding Modern Finance – Revealing the Meaning Behind Numbers and Formulas” created by Konstantin Kontor was launched on Coursera.

The Specialization consists of 4 financial courses and the Capstone Project.

The Specialization Courses are:

1. Capital Markets and Financial Institutions – How to Survive Them
2. Principles of Corporate Finance – A Tale of Value
3. Core Concepts of Accounting – Numbers and People
4. Mergers and Acquisitions – The Relentless Pursuit of Synergy

This is an intermediate Specialization for which some experience in the area is recommended.
But that should not scare off the learners with little knowledge of math or economics.
The only important requirements to succeed in learning include logical thinking an the interest in the area.


The online version of the course “Capital Markets and Financial Institutions, or Other People’s Money” by Konstantin Kontor is placed on Coursera (in Russian):


Learners' Feedback: https://www.coursera.org/learn/rynki-kapitala-finansovyye-instituty/#ratings

Business Psychology (II)

Business Psychology (II) course starts on Monday, January 29, 2018.

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