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The course deals with the most common Human Resource management theories and practices universally accepted by the most successful multinational companies.

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A New Financial Specialization by Konstantin Kontor on Coursera

Understanding Modern Finance

Revealing the Meaning Behind Numbers and Formulas

A new financial Specialization Understanding Modern Finance by Konstantin Kontor was launched in cooperation with MIPT on Coursera in April 2018.

This is a series of four courses and the Capstone Project. It is designed for those who would like to understand the essence of modern finance. The Specialization is taught in English.

The Specialization includes the following courses:
1. Capital Markets and Financial Institutions – How to Survive Them (link)
2. Principles of Corporate Finance – A Tale of Value (link)
3. Core Concepts of Accounting – Numbers and People (link)
4. Mergers and Acquisitions – The Relentless Pursuit of Synergy (link)
5. Capstone Project – Analyzing a Real Transaction (link)

When studying finance, we have to apply math models to human behavior. The formulas are plentiful but they often are far from reality. As a result, the need to digest lots of dubious numbers makes studying finance a boring process. And the essence of financial ideas can hardly be gained insight in.

Unfortunately, it’s not a nice story at all – the people study a lot but understand little. Many financial professionals just keep rewriting formulas with not that much thinking or understanding. Sometimes, that negatively effects the functioning of financial institutions.

In our Specialization, we’re trying to take a different approach. We clearly demonstrate that the key motives behind financial events and decisions are those of the people. These motives can be revealed, and when this is done, ends start to meet. If this is explained clearly, a learner, even the one initially far from finance, can understand a lot and become more proficient in the area.

Taking the Specialization would contribute not only to a successful career in finance. Learners will gain insight to the core of modern finance that, in turn, will make them more resilient with respect to potential challenges of the financial world and will help take advantage of lucrative opportunities offered by financial markets.

For detailed description of Specialization courses and the Capstone please see:

This is selected feedback for the course “Capital Markets and Financial Institutions, or Other People’s Money” launched on Coursera in the fall of 2016, that is a Russian-language sibling to the first course of the Specialization:

  • An awesome course. I’ve never thought that the capital market story may be so interesting. Every day I have to stop myself from watching the whole week at once. It’s really very clear and very intriguing

  • Great! No… Brilliant! Will wait for other courses with Konstantin Kontor as a lecturer

  • The instructor is wonderful! Everything is explained clearly. I am excited although my activities have nothing to do with finance

All feedback from Coursera learners:

Capital Markets and Financial Institutions, or Other People’s Money

This Course by Konstantin Kontor was launched on Coursera in cooperation with MIPT in the fall of 2016.

This Course is for anyone who would like to understand how and why capital markets and financial institutions operate. The Course is taught in Russian.

Capital Markets and financial institutions are all around us. This is a tremendous industry in which powerful players challenge investors and the public at large and serious risks are faced by the participants.

The Course offers an overview of the basics of modern capital markets. It helps analyze the market’s fundamental challenges, gain insight into the core motives of market participants, to understand the true meaning of financial terms, buzzwords, and signals.

The learners will better understand financial news, will be more resilient to the promises of financiers and to dangerous adventures, and will become more protected against potential threats imposed by capital markets. The learners will be able to use accumulated knowledge and skills in building a successful professional career in finance and beyond.

The Course is designed for a wide audience. No financial experience is required.

For detailed Course description and examples of assignments please see:

Here is selected feedback of Coursera learners (in Russian):

  • «Это просто детективная история с закрученным сюжетом. Ден Браун отдыхает»

  • «Потрясающий курс. Никогда не думала, что рассказ о рынках капитала может быть таким интересным. Каждый день, слушая лекции, я останавливаю себя, чтобы не прослушать сразу все лекции за неделю. Действительно очень просто и очень интересно»

  • «Крайне рекомендую к изучению вне зависимости от ваших профессиональных интересов!»

All feedback can be found here:

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